2016 The Gallery - Ultra Luxury Automotive Show - MGM Grand Detroit

Click on Image to visit Gallery.  

Click on Image to visit Gallery.  

We had opportunity to attend The Gallery this past weekend January 9th at MGM Grand Detroit.  This event is a Private Charity event of Ultra-Luxury Automotive show.  Some of the most rare exotics you’ll ever see in one room to kick off the 2016 North American International Auto Show.  


This is the 9th year this event has been held with over 7 million worth of exotic vehicles.  One in particular is the Aston Martin DB10 as seen in the latest James Bond Spectre.  This is a concept vehicle and no price has been shared but hints of it exceeding 2.5 million.  There was several other exotic vehicles on display including a pair of Lingenfelter Corvettes, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bently, Rolls, Royce, Ford GT Race Car, Acura NSX, Viper ACR, Range Rover, Falcon F7, and Porsche.

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Pirelli World Challenge Race 1 & Nascar Nationwide Practice Session - Road America 2014 - June 20, 2014

#36 Nic Jonsson - Kia Racing 

I woke up excited for day two of the Pirelli World Challenge and NASCAR Nationwide, but came to a quick halt when I looked outside my hotel window.  It was pouring down rain, and was so foggy I couldn’t see past 40 yards out my window.  I immediately knew it would be a very interesting day.  Day two was scheduled to be practice, qualifying and race day for the Pirelli World Challenge.  After that, the NASCAR Nationwide participants would be hitting the track for the first of two sessions before race day on Sunday the 21st.  


Thanks to the weather (and luckily thinking ahead to grab some rain gear), I arrived at Road America wearing a full rain suit and had prepped the camera for a wet day. As I was walking through the NASCAR pit lane, I could see that all crew members were hustling trying to get the cars ready to pass through inspection.  It was impressive to see how hard these guys worked in these less than ideal conditions.  


The track opened a couple of times for testing while the rain was falling, but for the most part, it was closed down due to the sheer amount of water on the track.  Many teams were forced to just wait it out to hear what the decision would be when made by track officials.  After what seemed like most of the day, I heard some roaring in the distance and then was told the track would open up for practicing in the rain.  While a few teams took advantage and went out to test out the wet track, most opted to stay dry and wait it out.  

#10 Henrick Hedman racing with Dragon Speed in the Ferrari 458 GT3


With no end to the rain in sight, the qualifying races were canceled and the vehicles were slated to race at using their current point standings.  Immediately, there was a massive accident involving #0 Marcelo Hahn in his Lamborghini Gallardo FL2.  He ran off to the left of the track in the wet grass where he lost control and ran head on into the wall.  While a lot of cars ran off into the wet grassy area, all but Hahn were able to get back on the track.  The Lamborghini suffered massive amount of damages, but Hahn was ok and was able to limp the car back to the pits where the crew immediately started to take it apart and determine the full extent of the damages.  

#0 Marcelo Hahn in the Lamborghini Gallardo FL2


The constant throughout the races was the battle for traction.  Several cars lost control and had accidents, though some worse than others.  Roush Performance driver #60 Jack Roush Jr had solid impact with #50 Dean Martin, both in Ford Mustangs.  Both were able to continue, but #60 had a good amount of damage that limited his performance.  Both Dean and Jack finished the race at 6th and 15th place, respectively, in the GTS Class.  Kia Racing dominated the class by taking 1 and 2 on the podium with #36 Nic Jonsson and #38 Mark Wilkins in the Kia Optima. Coming in 3rd was #20 Andy Lee from Crown Racing in his Chevy Camaro.  

#60 Jack Roush Jr in the Roush Performance Ford Mustang 302R


In the GT class,  #2 Mike Skeen from Hawk Performance took the checkered flag with his Audi R8, followed by #6 Robert Thorne with K-Pax Racing in his McLaren in second, and #31 Tim Bergmeister from Effort Racing in his Porsche GT3r rounding out the top three.  Such a battle in the class, and I have to give an honorable mention to Team Dyson Racing for the 6th place finish in its first race in North America with #8 Butch Leitzinger in the beautiful Bentley Continental GT3.

#2 Mike Skeen with Hawk Performance in a Audi R8 Ultra


In the GT-A Class, #54 Tim Pappas from Black Swan Racing took first place in his Mercedes AMG SLS GT3, coming in 2nd was #95 Bill Ziegler from Swisher Racing in his Audi R8 Ultra, and in 3rd #99 Jeff Courtney, a local driver from Milwaukee, WI racing with Kenda Racing in his Audi R8 Ultra.  

#54 Tim Pappas With Black Swan Racing in Mercedes AMG SLS


The TC, TCA & TCB classes raced during the heavy rain showers.  All drivers battled their way throughout the track and taking the checkered flag in the TC class was #94 Steven Doherty with his Nissan Altima, #71 Michael Dimeo with Grand Alarms came in 2nd with his Honda Civic SI, and coming in 3rd was #11 Adam Poland with Eastex Motorsports in his Mazda MX-5.  In the TCA class, #67 Shea Holbrook with her Radium Honda Civic SI took top honors followed by #98 Ernie Francis with Breathless Performance Mazda MX-5 and #13 Jason Cherry with his Autism Society of America Mazda MX-5.  And finally, in the TCB class, #65 Paul Holton with his Radium Honda Fit took first place, followed with #58 Glenn Nixon with Racing.CA Mini Cooper and #37 Tuler Palmer with Mini USA Mini Cooper.  Congratulations to all for their incredible driving in this wet track. 

#94 Steven Doherty Nissan Altima - Nissan - First Place TC Class

#67 Shea Holbrook - Radium - Honda Civic SI - First Place in TCA Class

#65 Paul Holton - Radium - Honda Fit - First Place TCB Class


Near the end of the day, the NASCAR Nationwide cars were able to get on the track to practice.  Many took the time to tune and make proper adjustments for race day.  It was a VERY difficult practice session since although it hasn’t rained for few hours, there was still a lot of moisture on the track.  All were competitive and aggressive despite the wet conditions, as track time is very important when it comes to race time. Watching the practice got me really excited to see how the race would play out the next day.  The weather for Sunday called for 80 degrees and sunny blue skies.  All drivers were sure to enjoy the warmer and drier weather. 

#08 Butch Leitzinger - Dyson Racing - Bentley Continental GT3  Want to see more, click on image to be redirected to gallery.  

#08 Butch Leitzinger - Dyson Racing - Bentley Continental GT3

Want to see more, click on image to be redirected to gallery.  



Pirelli World Challenge - Day 1 test & Practice - Nascar Nationwide arrival

Thursday June 19, 2014 was the first day of the Pirelli World Challenge, where teams started making noise on the 14 turn road course at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI.  Over 70 teams were scheduled to compete in the GT/GTS/GT-A , TC/TCA/TCB & SCCA Pro Trans Am classes, and all were looking to take the top spot on the podium.

#60 Jack Roush Jr - Ford Mustang 302R - Roush Performance - 

Thursday consisted of mainly qualifying sessions for the Pirelli World Challenge participants.  A total of 45 GT/GT-A/GTS and 28 TC/TCA/TCB vehicles perfected their vehicles.  One of the biggest stories was Dyson Racing’s debut of the #08 Bentley Continental GT3 driven by Butch Leitzinger in the GT class.  After being absent for over a decade in North America, Bentley finally returned this weekend.  

#08 Butch Leitzinger - Bentley Continental GT3 - Dyson Racing

Road America is one of the longest and most technical courses in the country.  It has 14 turns and several long stretches that really keep you on your game.  One of my personal favorite turns is coming into turn 6.  It’s an up hill straightaway into a blind left turn right after the Corvette bridge. Each class had two test and practice sessions for teams to adjust to the track.  I saw that many teams made various needed adjustments through out the day. 

#2 Mike Skeen - Audi R8 Ultra - Hawk Performance

#54 Tim Pappas - Mercedes AMG SLS - Black Swan Racing

Later in the day, the Nascar Nationwide participants arrived in a trailer parade, where many fans welcomed them to Road America.  It was a true honor and privilege to have a restored fire engine that responded to 9/11 attacks lead the parade, which was well celebrated by all in attendance.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day for Day 1 of the Pirelli World Challenge and the Nascar Nationwide arrival.  

Click on image to view more photographs from Thursday June 19, 2014 only. 

Click on image to view more photographs from Thursday June 19, 2014 only. 

Cars & Coffee Meet- Liquid Fusion in Lincolnshire,IL April 26th

Liquid Fusion - Lincolnshire, IL - 

Liquid Fusion - Lincolnshire, IL - 

On April 26, I attended my first Cars & Coffee meet of the year.  The meet took place at Liquid Fusion in Licolnshire,IL and was hosted by Johan Lee.  Being fairly new to the area, I try to attend as many events as I can.  Today was a great day to have a meet for various car enthusiasts.  All makes and models were on hand, and it was a great chance for owners to meet new people throughout the day.  From McLarens and Lamborghinis  to Subarus and Hondas, a wide variety of vehicles were on display.   Even a few motorcycles stopped by.  All were well received and had one thing in common, the love of the aftermarket automotive industry.  


The event started at 11am, and one of the first groups to arrive was Chicago Rally.  This group had a large following that just kept rolling in.  Throughout the day, cars came in and out.  I spoke to several drivers who attend many of these meets, and they agreed that this was one of the best meets they have been to in a while.  Everyone was friendly and open to talk about what was done to their cars.   For the local community, it was also well received.  At times you’d see a family taking pictures with several vehicles, and you could see the owners of the vehicles really enjoying the moment.  Adventure SuperCars brought in several Lamborghini’ and Nissan GTRs, displaying them and talking to customers about these awesome machines.  This is what it's all about; having fun and meeting new people.  It was a little cold considering you looked out the window to see sunny blue skies, but not many were tempted to go out in shorts.  It was a cold one for sure.  I found myself getting several refills at Liquid Fusion and eating lunch at Red Robin.  Looking forward to the next meet and hope to run into you all again.  

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