2015 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD

As a husband and father of two, sometimes I think about what it would be like if I bought a minivan.  That jump from having a 2 or 4 door vehicle cool looking car to a big minivan is a leap I don’t often think about.  Well this week I had opportunity to spend some time with one of the best-selling mini vans in the market, and now my wheels are turning.

The new 2015 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD showed up and I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to spend some time with this vehicle and tow my family around Chicago.  First off, yes it was a minivan, but it had a nice appearance to it.  The sleek front headlights and chrome grill really set it off.  Some minivans I’ve seen just look stretched out or look like a bad plastic surgery job.  Not in this case.  This year it received a face lift adding a different grill, LED driving daylights integrated with the headlights, turn signals on side mirrors and a slightly updated front bumper.  Toyota left the rest of the vehicle with minimal changes from the previous year. 

The biggest changes I noticed were in the interior.  I had opportunity to review 2014 model and I wasn’t too impressed.  I thought it was too boring and there was not much that stood out to me.  Now, a year later, I stepped inside this new model and I was blown away.  It’s a night and day difference on what they changed, especially with the dash.  The pictures do all of the talking in this case.    

Overall this vehicle is great for a large family and/or those needing the extra space.  Living in downtown Chicago, it did give me some issues due to size but nothing that I wouldn’t get used to.  It drove really nice and my family really enjoyed the massive amount of room and the added bonus of the entertainment/multimedia features.  The flip down wide screen monitor was a big plus with its split screen viewing.  Might be a bit much on having two video sources being played but great to entertain the age difference on long trips.  Big plus is that this model is equipped with all-wheel drive and run flat tires.  Great for areas that receive a lot of snow like Chicago.  For gas mileage I was averaging 22 mpg in the city and high 20’s in the highway.  Not bad for a large vehicle. 

Check out the 2015 Toyota Sienna…it might just get you thinking about a minivan too!  I'd like to thank Toyota and Drive Shop for the opportunity to review this vehicle.