2018 Lexus LC500


2018 Lexus LC500

Written by - Tommy Zondervan

Photographs by Chris Chavez & David Dehaan  

The all new Lexus LC is a stunning and eye-catching luxury coupe starting at $92,200.  Prototype for was revealed back in 2012 and revealed at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI.  Same power plant as the RC F and GS F, this 471 hp 5.0L is a very reliable and fun vehicle to drive for a fraction of the maintenance cost of other vehicles in its class.  Ranked second to the Porsche 911 and ahead of the Mercedes-Benz Gt, this Japanese luxury coupe has certainly made headway. Selling over 2,400 units in its first year, it’s only getting more popular. As most of you have noticed it was featured in the blockbuster movie Black Panther.   



We had an opportunity to spend some time testing it in Chicago traffic, on a 4-hour road trip, high speed testing on a closed track, and traveling with a family of 4.  Wait?  This is a luxury coupe where we usually find barely any space for luggage, but we were able to fit two car seats comfortably!!



The LC is certainly surrounded by some tough competitors but, the new LC not only gives you a fun powerful coupe but also a practical, comfortable and reliable vehicle with minimum cost to maintain, unlike the cost of upkeep on the new Porsche 911, Mercedes- Benz GT and even the new Acura NSX.  The interior is top notch but what else to you expect from Lexus.  Always known for the finish, craftsmanship and details throughout the years, we were certainly not disappointed with the LC.  


The seats really feel sturdy like if you were sitting in a racing seat.  We were treated with a full suede interior with leather trim, and small wood trim along the dash.  The information system is little tricky to get used to, especially if you haven’t spent time in a Lexus before. The full suede bucket seats continue into the back seat, and both sets of seats have a leather bump between them. This bump leaves some to be desired, such as possibly a secondary center console with addition USB and cup holders.  The trunk is small, as expected with a small entry.  It’s shallow but deep to stuff small luggage.



The performance of the vehicle was great for what the vehicle was built for.  It’s certainly not going to be first to cross any finish line.  It’s heavy, and in need of a diet.  Those who purchase this vehicle just want a fun car that has decent performance, which Lexus has certainly done.  On the left of the instrument panel you can change the vehicle performance, so if you’re in the mode for need for speed then you can set it to Sport +.  You have four settings with Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport +.  471hp and 398 lb-ft of torque out of a 5.0L V8 give you the right platform to give you both performance and good gas mileage.  In the city we were averaging around 16 mpg, and, on the highway,  we were getting close to 30mpg traveling at 65mpg.  A vehicle with close to 500hp and getting close to 30mpg is a thumbs up for us.  It does take premium fuel, but we aren’t surprised at all since that’s what you expect for a vehicle of this caliber.



On a plus, we had opportunity to test out the vehicle performance on a straight line.  We attended the Battle Creek Speedfest event where you can take a street legal car and test out how fast you can reach in a 1/2 mile.  What a rush it was. We ran the vehicle three times and all three times it ran a constant low 130 mph from a standing start.  No burn out or launch needed. To be a 4,200 pound coupe on a 130 degree track temperature with 20mph head winds, I think it performed well.  



Overall, we really enjoyed the vehicle.  It was very eye catching - everywhere we drove we were turning heads and had people asking about the vehicle.  We did mention that we traveled in town with a family of 4.  Our editor Chris felt left out and wanted to drive it with his family.  He was able to travel with his wife, 7 & 4-year-old sons.  Honestly, they were comfortable but as most of us with family knows that whenever you travel long distance you take everything but the house. So, for short trips it’s doable.  If you had to put four adults, yes it might be tight especially if your taller than 5’8 and weigh over 150 pounds.  It was a very comfortable fun car to drive and if I had a $107,867 as tested, I would put it on my “potential” list. You should certainly weigh your options on what vehicle you would like to purchase and consider if you are looking for performance or luxury. This could be an option as it does provide a bit of both.