2016 Lexus GX460 Luxury

2016 Lexus GX 460 Luxury

List Price $ 61,515

Price as tested $ 68,765


We had opportunity to spend some time with the new Lexus GX 460 Luxury.  This certainly is a BIG vehicle and can only imagine the LX.  This is second to the top model in the Lexus suv line up below the LX and above the NX & RX models. 


Taking delivery took me slightly by surprise.  It’s mammoth front grill seem very intimidating that looks good on the lower models but due to how big the vehicle is, I think it’s trying to hard to look like a IS/GS models. It’s a large sport utility vehicle with 3rd row seating.  Something about it didn’t fly well with me but then again Lexus with it’s success in the IS and NX line up has dropped there age geographic. 


Vehicle is equipped with a 4.6L 32 valve V8 pushing just over 301hp.  I would have thought it have more power to tow more but it’s enough to pull your small watercraft and or atvs.   This model equipped with crawl mode for those who enjoy taking it to the extreme off roading.  The ride height adjustability is a nice feature too.  I wouldn’t suggest taking it off roading but for those family in bad climate it’s a nice feature.  We were able to take it out of rough roads and did very well.  Vehicle felt under powered and sluggish during acceleration.  


The interior is no different than standard Lexus interior.  Small additions to accommodate the extra off roading features and air suspension.  The center dash looks very plain and standard.  Nothing really sticks out to me from other vehicles.  The 8” monitor is easy on the eyes making it effortless on making adjustments.  The suspension controls are just right of the shifter and notifies you on the dash.  Buttons area big and easy to locate which is a plus for those who aren’t tech savvy.  Overall it gets the job done and thats what matters. 


The back seats have decent room but in my mind this should have more room but it’s enough for a 6ft tall person to be comfortable.  This model is equipped with rear entertainment monitors located just behind the headrests.  It’s not located in the headrests just in front of it.  Nice that it doesn’t take away from any leg room to the rear passengers.  One thing I did find that those with infant back facing car seats to be careful in reclining the front seats to far.  The back of the infant seat is just leveled to the middle of the rear monitors.  Recommend having a blanket and or cushion to prevent it for rubbing.  


The 3rd row seat is motorized.  Easy to control from the rear or side.  There isn’t much room for an adult to sit back there but perfect for kids.  Like most 3rd row vehicles there isn’t much room behind the 3rd row once it’s up.  I sat back in 3rd row and head was hitting the roof.  Might be a rough ride if taking a long trip.  I did have trouble securing the 3rd row tonneau cover.  Once the 3rd row seat is up you can collapse the ends to fit on the floor tide down to floor by straps.  This takes good amount of room. Thought they be a way to secure it under floor board but guess not.  


Overall it’s a basic suv.  Nothing really impressed me other than the crawl mode but honestly how often will you be using it?  This particular vehicle will probably never see off roads and used to haul family around the burbs.  Have many great features like lane departure, dynamic radar cruise control, pre-collision sensors and high power audio system by Mark Levinson.  Vehicle drove great around town.  Suspension is really soft but stiff enough for when and if you go of roading.  Gas milage was average.  Did close to what they advertise with 12 mpg in city and 17 on highway.  For the price honestly it’s fair. You are getting a lot of features with an luxury appearance package.  


Like to thank Lexus USA for the opportunity to spend time with this vehicle.  For more information please visit your nearest Lexus dealership.