Nissan Titan Warrior Concept

Truck that speaks for itself.  The recently revealed Nissan Titan Warrior Concept vehicle took everyone by storm with it's mouth dropping designed.  A mixture of the Raptor and Reaper then times it by 10.  You have the Titan Warrior.  

Everything about the truck was immaculate.  This particular concept will stay where it is but gives many truck enthusiast a glimpse of what the recently release Nissan Titan can be.  The cummings diesel in the new XD had been getting many intrigue and it's just the beginning.  With a slight lift, aftermarket wheels, bigger tires, exhaust and a mean looking facelift, who wouldn't want to drive this?  You'll have your hard core Chevy, Ford & Dodge die hard fans dissing this truck but deep down, you know they won't hesitate when you hand over the keys.  

Below is a video made by Nissan.  Here brief information will be mentioned about this concept vehicles.  Who knows, maybe one day Nissan will decide to make this a truck we can own.  Till then, we can just dream about it.  

All photographs are taken and owned by Chris Chavez Photography.