Drivers view with Dyson Racing Bentley Continental GT3

One of the most talked about Pirelli World Challenge race teams released a driver’s view of a race that was recently held in Toronto.  Dyson Racing shared a video of Butch Leitzinger driving a Bentley Continental GT3 in the first of two races being held during the Challenge.  In the video below, you will have he opportunity to experience the race from the driver’s seat, including accidents during the race.  Enjoy the video and keep an eye out for the next video Dyson Racing releases. 

Video provided The RACER Channel.  

Dyson Racing Butch Leitzinger - Bentley Continental GT3 - Picture Credit - Chris Chavez Photography

Here is another video from Dyson Racing, highlighting the Bentley’s North American debut at Road America earlier in the year.  I had the opportunity to be there and witness this incredible machine take on one of the longest tracks in the world.  Since this was the first time racing in North America in over 10 years, Dyson didn’t miss a beat running the second fastest lap.  This is such a beautiful car to see in person.  At first glance, you are thinking,“Did I just see a Bentley?”  Yes you did.  I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did and, I look forward to seeing the great success the team has been having this year continue into the future.  

Video provided by Dyson Racing

Picture Credit - Chris Chavez Photography - Road America

All photographs taken by Chris Chavez Photography